Working from Home

Bringing your home and work life together with reliable technology

Many of us are now working from home and remote working is much more than a passing trend. Technology is paramount for this evolution, changing everything from the way we access information, how we communicate and collaborate with each other and how productive we are. Reliable WiFi, fit-for-purpose video conferencing and a stable internet connection are suddenly vital.


We have been providing much of the required technology for many years, so we are well placed to get you great WiFi performance around your property including offices in outbuildings and your garden.


A typical internet connection will have an uptime of around 99.99% for business connections and usually a little less for domestic. This is just over 1 second a week of downtime, which seems very good and is unlikely to cause any really issues.

But we all know that incidents occur. Cables can get broken in the street or a hardware failure can happen at your Internet Service Provider. At AV Candy we offer an option to use multiple paths to the internet, usually 3/4/5G and a cabled solution from a supplier like BT to give you stability and reliability.

We have also helped many customers who live on board boats or in off-grid locations. The Covid-19 lockdowns have tested many of the solutions our customers use who can often be on conference calls for 5-8 hours a day.

Customer feedback

 Hi Simon, I am happy to report that the solution on board my boat is definitely the right one. I have been working from the boat for the first weeks of lockdown using the shore internet connection and the 4G as backup, this has worked seamlessly with no input needed from me. I have had an uninterrupted and stable connection for all this time, running hours of conference calls a day and downloading everything I need for work. We are now cruising [canal network] around the midlands, the 4G connection has remained solid even when our mobile phones have struggled.

 Thanks for you help getting us a solution, it has made a huge difference to our lockdown…

 Chris – on a canal boat in the Midlands

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing isn’t just for work anymore, home conferencing is the new normal as we work, learn and socialise with friends and family.

If you are looking for a more permanent, professional solution AV Candy can deliver a standalone solution or something which is part of a larger home automation project leveraging our experience in enterprise conferencing and collaboration tools, we can bring professional-quality conferencing systems into your home.

Contact us today to talk about securing the technology your remote working and home life demands.