Our Client

The client had already designed and installed an original TV room, yet contacted us with the hope to improve the usability and general performance of the room, which was already equipped with the following devices:

The Project

The ‘Blue Cinema’ project started in September 2012 with the first phase of the project completed before Christmas 2012, the remaining room automation including air conditioning, curtains, lights and blackout blinds were added in January 2013.


Our Solution

We installed a 5.1 audio system with the option to go to 5.2 for more evenly distributed bass performance. We have specified the room layout, including input on curtains and carpet to increase good acoustic performance without obvious acoustic treatments.

Furthermore, we managed full control of the HCPC to the control system and migrated other areas of the house from Philips Pronto to AMX.

We supplied the system with a variety of other tech devices and accessories for optimal results.

The Tech

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The Result

We introduced Somfy automated curtain tracks, Mode colour Style lighting control and installed in-ceiling and on-wall PMC Wafer 1 speakers, partnered with the owner’s existing SVS tower subwoofer for a more discreet 5.1 array. Source hardware, and the AMX control processor, were housed in a Middle Atlantic rack in the adjacent Blu-ray and DVD library room. The room layout and decor also underwent changes: rotated by 90 degrees – allowing seating in a single, curved row – and carpeting and movie poster art installed to both improve acoustics and aesthetics.

In a second step we have been tasked with adding full control of the client’s home theatre PC to the setup, and expanding the AMX system to other parts of the house previously controlled via a Philips. Apart from the AMX processor, the system is controlled via six Global Cachè iTachs and an iPad interface.