AV Candy

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As you probably know by now, AV Candy is a custom AV (audio visual) installation specialist company based in Warwickshire. What you might not be sure about is whether we can work with you and your architect to create your perfect AV solution (including full house control, smart home, lighting, security and video distribution). AV Candy does not just work directly with the end user/client we also work in partnership with Interior Designers, Architects, Marine/Boat Builders (both canal and sea going) and Mobile Home/Caravan builders and sales companies. Read a bit below to find out more.


Interior Designers

Interior Designers specialise in creating stunning spaces to meet a client’s needs, whether it’s an impressive entrance hall or just a cosy lounge, their job is to create style and convenience. AV Candy has experience in working with interior designers to help create amazing spaces whilst fitting in the client’s technology and gadgets to ensure that they retain the functionality they desire. Interior Designers often use light as a key element in their designs, we are used to developing fully controllable high end lighting systems to get that perfect lighting to make the room feel right, which can all be controlled with the push of a wall mounted light switch, an App on your phone or a dedicated remote or touch panel.



An architect’s chief role is in general to create something with impact, style and functionality. AV Candy focuses on providing technological solutions to all the client’s needs such as controlling the lights remotely, heating and ventilation, hiding all the cables and boxes away, discretely putting speakers around the property etc. We use our know how to work with the architects and ideally we will become part of a project at RIBA Stage 2. This ensures the design and functionality are not comprised and that everything works together. It is never too early to start planning as things like cable routes and a control hub/room need to be established early on.