AV Candy

Some of our Partners

AV Candy is proud to offer a custom solution for each client. We know that each customer has specific requirements and that is why we will customise and tailor your AV installation to meet your needs. Below is a list of a selection of partners we use to ensure the AV installation you dream of is achieved.


From its beginnings as an AV company, Crestron has evolved into a Smart Space IoT company providing enhanced experiences for both commercial and residential customers. Crestron supply something to do everything, from room shades to IP based video to IP based audio. All products are designed and made in house and offer unparalleled levels of reliability and backwood compatibility to ensure your investment works for many years.


Genelec is a Finish-based manufacturer of professional active loudspeakers, founded in1978. Genelec’s philosophy is to offer reliability and neutral sound reproduction regardless of size of the speaker. They win awards in everything from sustainability, design and of course audio performance. We are proud to offer the complete range of Genelec speakers for our custom installations, giving you an incredible audio experience.


PMC Speakers is a UK based manufacturer of professional monitor and audiophile speaker systems. PMC was founded in 1990 by Peter Thomas of the BBC, and Adrian Loader of FWO Bauch. They produce award winning speakers and are one of very few companies who have been awarded an Emmy for their contribution to recording excellence. They now offer a fantastic range of wall mounted loudspeakers ideal for home cinemas of all sizes.


Kaleidescape is a US based manufacturer of home media servers and players; as well as Blu-Ray and DVD storage. Founded in 2001, the design of the Kaleidescape architecture, several innovative hardware appliances and the purpose-built software, coupled with their dedication to quality results in an excellent audio visual experience. They also offer an online shop which gives you access to the best quality downloads and early film releases.


An American developer and manufacture of wireless home audio products great for retrofits when only limited cabling can be installed. Offers a great solution to many who want to stream radio and music from virtually all providers. It can be integrated into larger systems if required.


AMX is a US based company founded in 1982. AMX focuses on hardware and software control solutions that aim to make home automation simple. AMX designs, manufactures and services the world’s best control products and solutions – all designed to simplify your life around you.

Mode Lighting

Mode Lighting was established in 1970 and specializes in electronics for lighting. They produce lighting control systems, electronic transformers, LED systems and more. Their main focus is product design and customer service. AV Candy has a qualified electrician on staff to ensure that all our lighting control systems are installed to meet all current building regulations.