AV Candy

Building Your Own Smart Home

Are you building a luxury dream house? Are you working with an architect to put together the perfect plans and design? Are you pouring over plans with your builder and consulting with teams of contractors to build you the home you have only dreamt about?

Or do your goals revolve around a smaller project? Are you doing some home improvement or just want your Smart Home experience to be more appealing? Have you joined the 21st Century yet?

When planning a new design for a home you begin with sitting down to go through all the basics – The number of windows in a room, where the door is located, what the floors will look like… but have you ever thought about how you are going to actually live in the space you create and how you will interact with technology, from lighting to conference systems?

The number of times that clients approach us and do not realise that all the boxes under the TV tucked way back in the corner do not have to be there. From the digital cable box (whether Sky, Virgin, FreeSat, FreeView) and the Apple TV or Roku for your NetFlix, to the legacy Blu-Ray Player – None of that stuff needs to be on show. We can get rid of that clutter and simplify how you interact with those boxes. 

How would you like to control all those devices from one remote control? These days the remote control could be your phone or tablet, but many times a good old hard button remote is preferred. Sound extraordinary? Not for us. We know the secret – it lies in creating a functional environment that will service a specific set of needs.

But, whether you are designing a new home, expanding your dream, or simply integrating a small home improvement project to impress your friends, take the time to think about how you will use it… and of course, where your things will go.