Protect your gadgets and your home | Security & CCTV

Security and CCTV

Protect your gadgets and your home

We have designed a CCTV system specifically for domestic use. High definition security cameras interfaced to solid state recording equipment keep energy usage to a minimum. Our CCTV system is designed to work along side an alarm system to help to create a safe and secure system for any home. It can also be configured to be energy efficient with the cameras only recording when they detect movement which not only saves money but on the memory space of the solid state recorder. The full security system is also designed to be convenient with the ability to interface into touch panels and mobile devices.

Alerts can be sent to your control panels making you aware that someone is at the door, or trespassing in your garden. A simple button press is all it takes to quickly investigate and view images from your IP cameras or even wireless cameras. Logging on to the system either remotely or from your home, it is possible to download images and footage to pass to the authorities. All our systems are designed around industry best practice to provide useable evidence of intrusion. We aim to offer the ultimate control in a home security system and cctv monitoring system.

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Security and CCTV

Keys features of Security and CCTV Systems

  • Full control of your system.
  • Access remotely or from your home.
  • Solid State Recording Equipment with UPS backup to deal with power failures.
  • Fully customisable to meet your needs.
  • IP or Wireless cameras.
  • A State of the art home security system.