Multi Room Video around your house

Multi Room Video

TV & Film around your Home

The last thing you want is a Sky box or DVD player cluttering up your minimalist lounge or bedroom, so why not banish them to the utility room or basement? Having a centrally sourced multi-room video distribution system has several other benefits including been able to record a program on one Sky box and play it back anywhere in the house in full high definition. Going one step further you can take all your DVDs and Blu-rays and store them electronically in one central location, giving you easy searching and instant access to them throughout the house giving you the ability to have a complete multi room video distribution system.

Instead of fighting with three or four remote controls, you can simply decide what you want to do and press the single command button. For example, to watch Sky, simple press the 'Watch Sky' button and the system will set everything up, correct inputs, turn on amplifiers etc, making the multi room video system easy for the whole family to use. AV Candy can do an audio and video distribution system ensuring you have a complete multi room system and combine it with a home cinema installation to ensure you have the best setup for you and your home. Get in touch with AV Candy for more information on Multi Room Video and Home Cinema Systems.

Get in touch with AV Candy for more information on Multi Room Video and Home Cinema Systems.

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Keys Features of Multi Room Video Systems

  • Provides full control of all video sources.
  • A single remote control that operates every component.
  • Allows access to each source from anywhere in the room or house.
  • Full 3D & HD distribution throughout your home.
  • Trouble-free integration into full house control systems.
  • Media server integration allowing access to films in all rooms without individual DVD players.