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Multi Room Audio

Music Around your Home

We have developed a simple to use multi room audio system which will appeal to both the 'ipod generation' and those who still prefer to buy their music on CD. We have combined British-engineered and manufactured HiFi music system with state of the art switching and distribution components to give unrivalled audio performance and ease of use. This level of quality cannot be achieved using mainstream home audio products and speaker systems. We give you a fully controllable multi room audio system.

Whilst some of the family is purchasing music for download onto hard drives, others can simply put the CD into the player for it to be automatically copied bit-perfectly and added to your library for your home audio system. Data such as artist and track listings are looked-up automatically and used to catalogue the CD or download. The system will find all the music anywhere on your computer network and make it available for instant playback using a user friendly interface and used through your audio system.

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Keys Features of Multi Room Audio Systems

  • Full control of music in any room of your home.
  • Different rooms playing different music. Party mode – play the same music in every room.
  • Wall-mounted keypads or touch panels for basic systems.
  • Meta Data (song information eg: artist, song title, playlists) displayed on keypads.
  • Wireless remote controls with full Meta Data capabilities.
  • Integration into full house control systems, such as lighting control.
  • iPod docks for portable music integration.