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Set the Scene in Your Home

Many people underestimate the importance of a good lighting design to creating the perfect ambiance for your home. Feature lights, down lighters, under-cupboard lighting and low-energy lights can all be combined to create the perfect mood for any occasion. However, badly designed lighting can cast a cold atmosphere or insufficient light in your home, affecting both ambiance and usability. Luckily, our integrated lighting systems can instantly create the ideal lighting design to suit your needs. This means you need not have row upon row of light switches cluttering up your wall space giving you complete lighting control.

A typical situation occurs in family rooms, a large space with several different lighting types all needing to be controlled. Traditionally you would have 2 or 3 switches to turn on or off large numbers of down lighters or fluorescent tubes above cupboards. Today we have many more options and even have smart homes. For example low energy fixtures, LED for feature and above/below cupboard and down lighters, all these lighting types can be dimmed and some can include colour mixing to create that exact mood or warmth. Think RGB lighting means Red OR Green OR Blue, it doesn't, it means you can repeatedly get the colour you want to create the mood you want. Bringing these lighting types under one control system simplifies, reduces wall clutter and means you can recall the exact lighting state you want instantly, lighting control is an essential component to complete home automation.

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Set the Scene in your Home | Lighting Control

Keys Features of Lighting Control Systems

  • Predetermined lighting scenes with colours and varied intensities.
  • Potential to control lights by remote.
  • Multi-system integration.
  • Significant operation and energy savings.
  • Programming designed to coordinate with other multi-system functions.