Make your home a smart home with smart home automation

Full House Control

Make your home a Smart Home!

You can have a nice multi room audio system or a lovely lighting control system but our aim is to give you a fully automated control interface for your home. Full House Control means exactly what it says it turns your house into a smart home. A Smart home controlled with a automation home system enables you to be able to control ever device from the tips of your fingers via your iPad or touch panel remote control. Turn your TV on, dim your lights, draw your curtains, restart that movie from last night are the obvious control that a smart home system gives you but there are others that you might not have thought of. Streamlined to just give you the controls YOU need, turn the whole house off with one button, lights off, heating to 'away mode' and TVs all turned off, saving energy.
Leaving the house on the school run and don’t have time to check all the TVs and lights are off? No problem, simply press the exit button and your house shuts itself down and can even turn the heating to timed mode. Get in touch with AV Candy to learn more about getting a smart home system and some home automation.

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Full House Control & Smart Home Automation

Keys Features of Full House Control and Home Automation Systems

  • Control anything in your house from a remote interface.
  • Control items in rooms your not even in.
  • Tasks like turn ALL your lights off, or night mode from a remote.
  • Fully customisable to meet your needs.
  • Able to fully automate your home.
  • Make your home a smart and intelligent home.