Blue Cinema Project and Info Section

It turns out that here at AV Candy, we are not quite as good at updating our own blog as we are with keeping up with the latest technology from others, but we have been busy, so that can be our excuse.

The majority of our recent work has largely been focused on what is shaping up to be an exquisite cinema room - dubbed the Blue Cinema - and we hope to be updating this very blog with pictures of the final result  early in the new year.

As well as being blue, the cinema room - which was previously just a simple living room - will have controlled curtains, lighting, and sound all integrated, as well as luxurious leather seats to make viewing even more comfortable.  With an enormous screen, we are just a popcorn machine away from having a real home cinema viewing experience.

In addition to work on the cinema, we have also recently launched the info section of our website, where we will share our expertise, in a bid to assist you with your own projects.  We will have lots of tips and tricks, both on what brands to use and on a variety of different techniques to keep everything neat, tidy, elegant and functional.

We aim to keep developing the AV Candy community and help to promote better solutions for all.  

So from us all at AV Candy, we'd like to wish you all a great Christmas and a wonderful New Year.  We look forward to providing more updates early in January.  Now, we're off to see how 'The Grinch' looks on this glorious screen!  Ho Ho Ho!

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