Blue Cinema Pics + Happy New Year!

So the busyness continues, but having completed the Blue Cinema Project just before the New Year, we now have some great pictures to share with you - and here they are : .

We are immensely proud at the final result and everyone who has seen the pictures, or experienced The Blue Cinema Room first hand has agreed.  It was up and running for the Christmas classics and all the little details finished off in time to celebrate with a chocolate, popcorn and large cola fest before the resolutions kicked in.

We hope everyone had a wonderful festive period and here at AV Candy, we are looking  forward to helping you with your bespoke installations throughout 2013.  Also, remember to keep an eye on our blog, which we will be updating more regularly, and also our info page for all the latest advances in technique and technology.

Oh, and, let us know what you think about our work : )

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