Cinema Room Acoustics

Why should you care?

Movie soundtracks are getting better, more dynamic and more complex, directors are also putting far more budget and focus on producing a great audio experience. Danny Boyle stated on the Chris Evans breakfast show on Radio 2 (22-3-13) that he ring fences a huge percentage of the budget to the soundtrack of his films.  He feels that over 50% of the film experience is down to the audio, a view which is shared by George Lucas. It’s clear that the sound design and equipment should have at least the same proportion of the budget as the projector and screen; however this is rarely the case.

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Screen Sizes Explained for HD and Ultra HD Home Cinema Owners

If you are among the elite or merely a connoisseur of cinema, you know already know screen size can make a difference in the quality of your viewing experience. One of the most frequently asked questions that we receive is How do I choose the best screen size for my home theatre?

Screen size is one area which divides couples completely when building their home cinema; the film lover wants the biggest screen possible and the interior designer wants the smallest.

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Great New Cinema Materials

Fabric lining the walls and ceiling to hide acoustic treatments and cables has traditionally been a time consuming job with few options to add designer flare. Now with our speciality plastic extruded edge pieces, it's far quicker and gives a much cleaner finish.

If you are thinking about a dedicated cinema room at the moment, get in touch and ask about the stunning material choices that we now offer to ensure a superbly performing and luxurious room.

We will keep you updated on more materials and advances once we find them.  We are always busy browsing the blogs and hence often forget to update our own.  From now on, however, all that is changing.

Our favourite loudspeaker brand used in Art Installation

Our favourite cinema loudspeakers have been used in an art installation in London at the Cock ‘n’ Bull Gallery. Artist Rupert Newman installed the Genelec loudspeakers to, ‘reproduce Sarah's compositions accurately and complement Rupert's artwork to create an immersive experience for visitors to the exhibition,’ explained Andy Bensly. For the full story click the link below:

Blue Cinema Pics + Happy New Year!

So the busyness continues, but having completed the Blue Cinema Project just before the New Year, we now have some great pictures to share with you - and here they are : .

We are immensely proud at the final result and everyone who has seen the pictures, or experienced The Blue Cinema Room first hand has agreed.  It was up and running for the Christmas classics and all the little details finished off in time to celebrate with a chocolate, popcorn and large cola fest before the resolutions kicked in.

We hope everyone had a wonderful festive period and here at AV Candy, we are looking  forward to helping you with your bespoke installations throughout 2013.  Also, remember to keep an eye on our blog, which we will be updating more regularly, and also our info page for all the latest advances in technique and technology.

Oh, and, let us know what you think about our work : )