About THX

THX Certified Installers

AV Candy is a THX Certified Professional Home Theatre Installer

THX might be one of those logos you see in the cinema at the start of films but have no idea what it is about. AV Candy are proud to be a THX Certified Professional Home Theatre installer – (Home Theater if you are American as it’s an American company).

What is THX?
THX is a quality assurance that a cinema system (whether commercial or domestic) is providing a high quality predictable playback environment to ensure that what you are listening to is being heard in the way that the original audio technicians intended you to hear it.

So what exactly does a THX Installer do?
As we said above the whole point of THX is to provide a true experience matching that that the original mixers wanted you to hear. To be a THX Certified Professional Home Cinema Installer you have to demonstrate a full understanding of the performance standards expected by THX, understand acoustics, room reflections, bass modes, noise control, room isolation, how to properly setup a audio and video system. As well as Setting them up to work together and verifying that an installation is properly setup and calibrate to get the best performance out of it. AV Candy is proud to say we have done all of this. Still want to know more – We have put to together a brief video explaining THX – being an audio visual company we know people prefer video to text on a page.

For a more detailed guide you can visit http://www.thx.com/professional/home-theater-installer/